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A Quick, Easy and Accurate Calculator for Best Results

Taking the means test for Chapter 7 or 13 can be tricky unless using a proven bankruptcy calculator. The best forms provide detailed instructions and improve results.

The law is precise. Each person who thinks about filing must know their means test result, in advance, to discover the best chapter. Knowing monthly income and the median state income is not enough. The means test for Chapter 7 and 13 bankruptcy is slightly different under both chapters. Both tests require a selection among a complicated combination of deduction options and mandatory rule requirements. In addition, in a some categories, actual income and expenses are used in a series of calculations.

The final result of the means test for Chapters 7 and 13 changes often because of fluctuations in actual income and expenses. Even more importantly, results also change depending on the expertise of the person preparing the test and their favorite test calculator.

Most individuals and paralegals miss many of the most lucrative options. Even attorneys may miss these options when failing to stay abreast of the law as it changes. Rushing through the process seldom pays.

The Best Worksheets and Instructions Available Today

Means Test Results
Your Means Test Results Determine If You Qualify for Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Payments

Discovering the best result allowed by law is not difficult if you follow a few simple guidelines. You may even calculate the Chapter 7 means test free, from the comfort of your own home, yet still obtain the best result available. The secret for calculating the test yourself is using high quality forms and instructions that make this process easy. The process should be as easy as possible, but not easier.

Attorneys could charge hundreds of dollars for each set of test results yet provide disappointing results. A foolproof means test calculator helps greatly and eliminates repetitive costs.

The best custom forms and means test worksheets are designed specifically for debtors. These forms and the calculation method offer extensive help, instructions, examples and tips for optimizing the following test elements:

  • total monthly income that must be included in the test
  • potential omission of some income received using little-known exceptions permitted by judges and case opinions
  • maximum use of allowed standard deductions (many exceptions and valuable options apply here to increase expense deductions)
  • maximization of past expenses using all expenses permitted, even if unpaid in some circumstances
  • how to time the test and filing properly for the greatest benefit
  • explanations how to change results over time, legally, by numerous small decisions about debts and expenses to pay and those allowed to slip behind
  • forms must include tips, examples, suggestions and easy-to-follow instructions
  • ability to change results legally, ethically and accurately, at will

The Chapter 7 bankruptcy means test form instructions provided by the court cannot favor either debtors or creditors. The official forms and instructions must remain natural. Nevertheless, custom forms for both debtors and creditors can point out a full range of options.

An accurate first calculation is the best way to avoid surprise in court and prevent creditors from filing objections. If a creditor proves an error, a judge may dismiss a case. A few dollars and a few hours can prevent this all-too-common error.

When individuals use high quality custom forms a few weeks or up to six months before filing, the best possible result available is all but certain. They can take the lead when selecting attorneys and have inside knowledge. This could save you 10’s of thousands of dollars.

Costs Before Filing a Case

An attorney can charge a fee to calculate the means test. Nevertheless, in most cases, a free initial consultation includes an estimate of potential results based on your personal means. To calculate the test accurately and claim all benefits can easily take two or three hours.

Allow time to scour records, claim all deductions, and determine an accurate test figure. You may be amazed by the difference in results available when taking the test properly.

Most free initial consultations last about an hour. These consultations simply cannot reveal an accurate answer. To get an accurate answer, you could retain an attorney for several hours at $150 per hour each time you take the test. Better, you could take the test in the privacy of your own home without cost or obligation of any kind.

When you take the test at home, your results remain private. You may take the test as many times as you wish free of charge. With a little practice, you should discover the best way to improve your personal results in accordance with current laws, rules and case opinions. Then, you can change your results by making small life-style improvements.

An Ordinary Means Test Calculator Is Not Enough

Bankruptcy Alternatives
Calculate Your Bankruptcy Alternatives Early for Better Options

Taking the test yourself is simple and easy when using a high quality means test calculator. The forms you use should explain what, when and how to improve your results. The test form should also explain how the results affect you.

The official forms and instructions do not adequately explain how the end result affects ordinary people. Seeing a final number provides little meaningful information.

To under the number, you should use it in several different tests to determine if you qualify for Chapter 7. If you do not qualify, most individuals who earn a regular income can qualify for a Chapter 13 wage earner plan. The test also determines these plan payments.

A small mistake made when taking the test can increase monthly plan payments dramatically for up to five years.

Knowing what tests to apply and exceptions available are the key to your success. Unfortunately, many attorneys do not take enough time to claim all deductions, apply all exceptions, or adequately explain options during a free initial consultation. After retaining an attorney and filing, it is too late to change qualification for chapters and the amounts of payments due.

Great Results for Low or No Cost

Taking the test is all about results. Individuals can change their results for up to six months in advance of filing. Wasting time getting started needlessly throws away valuable bankruptcy options and the greatest possible improvement.